Artificial intelligence content against Google update.


2024 on the SEO battle. Google's algorithms vs. artificial intelligence content creation

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Digital marketing has always been a fast-evolving field where you need to constantly adapt to new technologies and changes in search engine algorithms to succeed.

The recent Google 2024. The 2009 update has once again highlighted this need, bringing with it significant changes that will affect the way content creation and optimisation works in digital marketing.

What changes did Google's 2024 update actually bring?

Google 2024. The 2011 update introduced a number of changes aimed at improving the quality of search results and the user experience.

These changes included a more rigorous assessment of AI-generated content, emphasising originality, expertise, authority and trustworthiness (E-A-T principles).

In addition, the focus was increased on the value provided to users and the relevance of content to search queries.

Artificial intelligence content against Google update

Dropped traffic and the dilemma of artificial intelligence content

Following the implementation of the update, a number of customers contacted our agency with concerns about a sharp drop in traffic to their websites.

The common denominator of these concerns was content created mainly or partly with the help of artificial intelligence, in particular ChatGPT. These customers were faced with a problem where their content no longer met Google’s new standards and therefore did not rank favourably in search results.

Artificial intelligence content against Google update

Why is poor quality content no longer successful?

Artificial intelligence content against Google update. Google’s goal has always been to provide search users with the most relevant, reliable and high-quality content.

Blocking or down-ranking low-quality content that is over-packaged or does not offer real value will help ensure a better user experience.

For AI-generated content in particular, Google saw the need to ensure that it met the same quality standards as human-generated content to avoid manipulative and misleading results.

Artificial intelligence content against Google update

The irony of innovation: how ChatGPT is putting the brakes on SEO success

ChatGPT and other AI platforms can generate content quickly and efficiently, but may not always provide the originality and depth that Google’s updated algorithms require.

As a result, many businesses found that the content they generated with TI no longer ranked as well as it used to, leading to a drop in website traffic.

ai content against Google update

How to avoid and overcome the challenges of Google innovation

Google 2024. s innovation has created a storm in the digital marketing community, leaving many wondering how to adapt and maintain their visibility in search engines. Users of ChatGPT and other TI tools face new challenges in ensuring their content meets Google’s high quality standards. Here are some key strategies to successfully address these challenges.

Deepen content quality and originality

The first step is a critical review of the content. Use ChatGPT as a tool to generate ideas and create templates, but always add a human touch to ensure depth, originality and personality. Google values content that offers real value and is written with an expert eye.

Apply E-A-T principles

Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) principles are more important than ever. Highlight the expertise, authority and credibility of your or your content creators. Make sure that any article, blog post or website contains references to reliable sources and the authors’ expertise or experience.

The human touch is indispensable

Don’t rely blindly on artificial intelligence. Each piece of content should be reviewed before publication and adjusted if necessary. Human monitoring helps to identify and correct potential errors, ensuring that content meets the highest standards.

Continuous optimisation and renewal

The digital world is constantly changing, and so are Google’s algorithms. Keep up to date with the latest SEO practices and trends. Optimise your content regularly to meet not only current but also future requirements.

Get professional advice

If you’re unsure how to adapt your content strategy to Google’s updates, consider hiring a professional SEO or digital marketing agency. Specialists can help analyse your current content, identify potential problems and propose solutions to fix them.

To sum up, Artificial Intelligence content will be adopted in Google’s update – although Google’s 2024. While the 2011 update presents new challenges for digital marketing, it is also an opportunity to update and improve your content strategy. By implementing these survival strategies, you can not only avoid Google sanctions, but also improve the overall quality and user experience of your website.

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