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Grow your business with Google Ads

Do you want to expand your company’s digital footprint and increase your brand awareness among Google users? I’m here to provide you with a professional Google advertising service tailored to your business needs.

  • Google’s advertising platform opens the door to huge potential, allowing your business to stand out not only in Google search results, but also on YouTube videos, Google Maps and many Google partner websites.
  • With my service, you can use Google search advertising that is carefully targeted to your audience, ensuring maximum effectiveness of your advertising campaign.
  • I understand how important it is to use every marketing dollar effectively, which is why I offer flexible advertising budget options and provide a detailed analysis of the results of your advertising campaign. It gives you full visibility and control over your campaign, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimise results on the fly.
Grow your business with Google Ads​

Why Google advertising?

  • Exceptional visibility and immediate results

Unlike SEO, which focuses on long-term organic growth, Google Ads offer a quick and measurable way to drive traffic to your website. This allows you to target specific keywords and demographics, ensuring that your ad reaches the people who are actively looking for your products or services.

  • Flexibility and measurability

The value of Google advertising lies in its flexibility and measurability. Retargeting and conversion setup allow you to monitor how your ads are performing in real time and make the necessary changes to maximise your return on investment (ROI). This gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your campaigns and reach your target audience even more effectively.

  • Extensive advertising and targeting opportunities

From search advertising to display and video, Google Ads offers a wide range of options to meet the unique needs and goals of your business. Precise targeting, using keywords, demographics, interests and location, ensures that your ad reaches the people most likely to be interested in your message.

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Advertising opportunities on Google:

Google Ads allows businesses to target customers with different types of ads: search ads highlight businesses in Google searches, display ads increase brand awareness on websites, YouTube video ads reach a large audience, and in-app and shopping ads on Google Shopping target specific products.

  • Search ads: these ads appear directly on Google search results pages, hitting users at the moment they search for the products or services you offer. This will ensure that your message reaches the target audience directly.

  • Display ads: These visually arresting ads are seen on millions of web pages across the Google Display network, helping to raise your brand awareness and expand your reach.

  • Video ads on YouTube: offer the opportunity to reach a wide audience through short and engaging videos that can reinforce your message and create a strong emotional connection with viewers.

  • In-app ads: target users in their favourite apps by serving them relevant ads when they are most receptive to your message.

  • Shopping ads on google shopping: Highlight your products directly in Google search results, offering potential customers an easy way to see your products and make a purchase.

I offer the following specialised services to maximise your advertising campaigns:

  • Search advertising optimisation: targeting ads to audiences who are already actively searching for the products or services you offer, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Creating Display Ads: I design eye-catching banner ads to increase your brand awareness and expand your visibility on the Google Display Network.

  • Video advertising strategy: I develop and manage video advertising campaigns that create an emotional connection and increase your company’s impact.

  • In-app ad targeting: I tailor advertising strategies to target users in mobile apps, delivering relevant ads at just the right time.

  • Local advertising: I will tailor local advertising campaigns to increase the visibility of your physical location, targeting people in the geographic proximity of your business.

My goal is to provide your business with customized Google Ads advertising solutions that support your unique needs and help you achieve digital success. My services are designed to take your business to the next level with Google’s advertising platform, giving you full visibility and control over your campaigns.

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Why choose this advertising service?

As a Google search advertising service, I offer you the opportunity to reach a wide audience using Google’s extensive user base. The benefits of the service are:

  1. Greater reach and visibility: billions of people around the world use Google every day, giving your business the opportunity to increase visibility and reach more potential customers.

  2. Precise targeting: I offer a service that allows you to target ads very precisely, using appropriate keywords, demographic data and geographical locations. This ensures that your ads reach exactly the people who are interested in your products or services.

  3. Measurability and analytics: the service includes in-depth analytics to help measure the success of an advertising campaign and provide insight into the performance of the ads, enabling campaign optimisation.

  4. Flexibility and control: the service gives you full control over your advertising campaign, including setting the budget, choosing ad formats and changing the campaign.

  5. Increase sales and profits – Google search advertising is an effective way to increase your company’s sales and profits by attracting more website visitors and boosting sales of your products or services.

My Google Search Advertising service can help you achieve these goals by providing a personalised and targeted approach to your digital marketing needs.

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Retargeting and the importance of conversions

Retargeting and setting up and tracking conversions are two critical components of digital marketing strategies that help businesses maximise their return on investment (ROI) and improve customer engagement.

These methods allow businesses not only to reach potential customers who have already engaged with their brand to some extent, but also to measure and analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in real time.

The importance of retargeting

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a process that allows businesses to target users who have previously visited their website or used a mobile app but have not made a purchase or taken other desired action. This is particularly valuable because:

  • Increases conversion rates: most visitors do not make a purchase decision on their first visit. Retargeting allows you to attract back those who have already shown interest, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.
  • Boosts brand awareness: every time your retargeting ad appears to a former website visitor, you increase your brand visibility and strengthen brand recall.
  • Attracts a relevant audience: Retargeting allows you to target people who are already interested in your products or services, making your advertising spend more efficient.

The importance of setting up and monitoring conversions

Setting up and tracking conversions is a process that allows businesses to measure how successfully their advertising campaigns are generating the desired activities, such as sales, registrations, downloads or contact form completions. The importance of this process is that:

  • Measures campaign effectiveness: it allows businesses to understand which ad campaigns, keywords or target audiences are driving the most conversions, helping to optimise ad spend.
  • Helps to optimise budgets: by analysing which campaigns are most effective, companies can better allocate their advertising budget, targeting more resources to high-return activities.
  • Provides valuable insights: Conversion tracking provides deep insight into how users interact with your website, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve your website and advertising strategies.

Ultimately, retargeting and setting up and tracking conversions are fundamental components to help businesses maximise the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies.

These methods not only increase conversion rates and improve brand awareness, but also provide valuable insights to help optimise advertising campaigns and budgets, ensuring that every marketing dollar is well spent.

For whom is this promotional tool indispensable?

Google advertising is particularly useful for:

  1. Small businesses and local businesses– Google Ads helps small businesses and local businesses increase their visibility and reach a local audience to attract more visitors and customers.

  2. E-store owners: e-store owners can use Google Ads to increase the visibility and sales of their products, reaching the right audience at the right time.

  3. B2B businesses: Google advertising is also suitable for B2B businesses that want to reach other businesses and increase sales of their services or products.

  4. Multinationals: Google Ads offers the possibility to target ads to different geographic areas and languages, which is useful for companies operating internationally.

  5. Marketers of new products or services: businesses looking to introduce new products or services can use Google Ads to raise awareness and attract new customers.

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Google advertising service vs SEO

Choosing between Google advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO), businesses are often faced with the dilemma of which strategy to choose to increase their digital visibility. Both approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses, which make them important tools for different purposes.


  • Google Ads allows businesses to gain quick visibility by offering the opportunity to appear on the top of Google search results as soon as an ad campaign is launched. This is particularly valuable for new product launches or campaigns where quick results are needed.
  • Advertisements are targeted and can be tailored to the specific needs of your target audience, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.
  • However, the main disadvantage of Google advertising is that advertising costs can increase rapidly, especially in competitive areas where you have to pay a higher price for clicks.


  • SEO, on the other hand, focuses on long-term organic growth, improving a website’s position in search results naturally.
  • SEO strategies include keyword optimisation, quality content creation and technical website improvements. The main advantage of SEO is its sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the long term, as organically achieved high rankings in search results do not require paying for every click.
  • However, achieving SEO results takes time and requires consistent effort, which means that quick results are usually not possible.

The choice between Google Ads and SEO depends on your company’s objectives, resources and market situation. Often, the most effective approach is to use both strategies together, using Google Ads for quick visibility and SEO for long-term and sustainable organic growth. This combination allows businesses to maximise their online visibility and effectively reach their target audience, while ensuring cost-efficiency and optimal return on investment.

How does this solution solve the customer's problem?

I offer a Google advertising service that targets the specific needs and goals of your business. Here’s how my service solves your company’s key problems:

  1. Increasing visibility: Competition is fierce in the digital world. My Google Ads service can help your business stand out by increasing visibility and reaching a wider audience.

  2. Accurate target ing: Targeting advertising is critical. Using keywords and demographic data, I ensure that your ads reach exactly the people who are interested in your products or services.

  3. Increase sales – Google Ads can help boost your sales and profits by attracting more visitors to your website and increasing sales of your products or services.

  4. Measurement and analysis of your advertising campaign: we provide accurate analytics and measurability to help you gain insight into the success of your campaign and make informed decisions with our help.

  5. Flexibility and control: my service gives you full control over your advertising campaign, from budget to ad formats and placements.

Ultimately, Google Ads solves the needs and problems of customers by offering them the opportunity to increase their visibility, reach the right audience, increase sales, get accurate feedback on campaign results and be in full control of their ad campaign.

Our experience with Google search advertising allows us to create ads that reach your target audience exactly when they are searching for the products or services you offer. This greatly increases the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, ensuring that your ads reach the right people at the right time.

Plus, I offer flexibility in managing your advertising budget, helping you to set targets according to your business needs. My in-depth analysis and tracking ensure that each campaign generates the maximum number of clicks and conversions, helping you to achieve the best possible results.

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