Social media retargeting - a service that allows you to reconnect with potential customers who have already shown interest in your brand.
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What is social media retargeting?

Social media retargeting is a marketing technique that allows you to target ads to people who have already visited your website or interacted with your social media content. This means you can reconnect with potential customers who have already shown interest in your brand.

Example: if a customer visits your online store and looks at a specific product category, but leaves without making a purchase, we can use retargeting to show them ads for the products they have just looked at. It reminds them of their initial interest and encourages them to complete the purchase.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting uses cookies and tracking technologies from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to identify people who have visited your website or interacted with your social media content. You can then target these people with customised ads that remind them of your brand or specific products they’ve viewed, increasing the likelihood that they’ll come back and make a purchase.

Social media retargeting

The benefits of our retargeting service:

  • Increased conversions

Because retargeting is targeting people who have already researched your products or services, the likelihood of them making a purchase is significantly higher. This approach allows you to reach people who are already closer to making a purchase decision, making your marketing activities much more effective.

  • Personalised advertising experiences

We create ads based on a user’s past activities and preferences, creating a deeper and more personalised interaction. This means your messages are more relevant and more meaningful to the customer, which increases engagement and brand recall.

  • Continuously optimised campaigns

Our continuous analysis and campaign adjustments ensure that your retargeting strategy is always up-to-date and effective. We monitor the results of your campaigns in real time to make the necessary adjustments and ensure continuous performance.

Further example

If your company sells health products and you notice that a certain age group is interested in healthy living, we will tailor your ads to highlight products that meet their specific health and wellbeing goals. This targeting not only increases conversion rates, but also creates a stronger bond between your brand and your target audience.

Added value

Our retargeting service also offers added value such as customer journey understanding and analysis. This will allow you to better understand how people interact with your website, and to identify potential areas for improvement, both on the website and in your marketing strategy as a whole.

All in all, our retargeting service is not only an effective tool to increase sales, but also a valuable resource to strengthen your brand and customer relationship. If you want to make the most of the potential of your business, contact us and we’ll start working with you to create a tailored retargeting strategy.

Social media remarketing

How does our service add value to your business?

Our social media retargeting service is specifically designed to provide your business with versatile and measurable value. Our service can help you achieve the following goals:

Increase income

Because retargeting targets ads to people who are already interested in your products or services, the likelihood of making a purchase increases significantly. This means that every advertising dollar is invested in a target audience that is already positively attracted to your offers, increasing sales and revenue.

Increase marketing budget

Retargeting is a cost-effective way to use your marketing budget. Because your ads are targeted at people who have already interacted with your brand in some way, your ads will have a higher conversion rate. This means you can achieve better results with a smaller budget, thereby optimising your marketing costs.

Build long-term relationships

Our retargeting strategies are designed to help you build and maintain long-term relationships with your target audience. Ongoing and relevant communication helps to build brand awareness and loyalty. This not only contributes to repeat purchases, but also creates a stronger brand community, which is a valuable asset for your business in the long run.

Improve the customer experience

Retargeting allows you to offer a tailored and personalised experience to your customers. For example, once a customer has researched a certain product category, you can target them with ads offering more information, promotional offers or even customer reviews on products that interest them. This not only increases sales, but also improves the customer’s experience with your brand, making it more personal and relevant.

Feedback and continuous improvement

Our service provides ongoing feedback and analytics to help you understand the effectiveness of your retargeting campaigns. This feedback is an essential tool for adapting and improving your marketing strategies, ensuring that your retargeting approach always remains optimal and up-to-date.

Practical examples of social media retargeting:

Example 1: An e-commerce online shop Imagine you run an e-commerce online shop that sells sports equipment. A customer visits your website, looks at football boots, but leaves without making a purchase. With retargeting, you can target that customer with ads showing the same football boots or similar products, reminding them of their previous interest and encouraging them to complete the purchase.

Example 2: Travel company Your travel company offers holidays to the Caribbean islands. A customer visits your website and researches travel packages, but does not book a trip immediately. With retargeting, you can later target them with ads that include special offers or memorable images of destinations that interest them, encouraging them to book their trip.

Example 3: Local restaurant If you run a local restaurant, retargeting can help you increase bookings. For example, if potential customers research your menu or special offers online but don’t make a reservation, you can target them with ads highlighting your restaurant’s unique atmosphere or special offers to entice them to visit.

Example 4: online beauty shop If a customer visits your online beauty shop, researches a particular face cream but doesn’t make a purchase, we can retarget them with ads highlighting the benefits of that product and customer feedback, encouraging them to make a purchase.

Example 5: Online courses Your online courses attract a lot of people, but enrolments do not always take place. Retargeting allows you to target those who have visited your course pages by showing them adverts with success stories and special offers, encouraging them to sign up.

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Social media retargeting
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