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Promotional video service introduction

Creating promotional videos is one of the services offered by our agency, combining visual and audio elements to create a creative and impactful message to promote your brand story, products or services. We have the know-how and the technology to create promotional videos that grab the viewer’s attention, deliver key messages and connect emotionally with your target audience.

Our understanding is that promotional video is a powerful marketing tool that can speak to people on a deeper level than any other medium. Promotional videos are extremely versatile and ideal for distribution on social media platforms, websites and traditional TV, offering a wide range of opportunities to spread your message.

Our process for creating promotional videos includes:

  • Creative consultation: We start with an in-depth discussion to understand your brand values and objectives, allowing us to create a video concept that reflects your brand personality and message.
  • Developing the script: our creative team will develop a detailed script that will form the basis of the entire video production process.
  • Producing: using modern technology and creative techniques, we bring the script to life, creating a visually compelling and content-rich promotional video.
  • Post-production: video editing, colour correction, sound design and other elements of post-production are completed to ensure a professional video finish.
  • Distribution: we help you identify the best channels and strategies to distribute your video to reach the widest and most relevant audience.

Our goal is to create promotional videos that not only raise your brand awareness and visibility, but also drive tangible, measurable business results. Whether it’s increasing web traffic, growing sales or expanding your customer base, our customised promotional videos are designed to help your business succeed.

Options for creating promotional videos

Creating promotional videos opens the door to a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to showcase your brand, products and services in a creative and memorable way. The possibilities offered by our agency include:

  • Product presentations: we help you to present your products in a dynamic and visually appealing way, highlighting their features and benefits. Product demonstrations allow you to show how your products can be used in real life, helping potential customers to better understand the value of your product.

  • Brand stories: we create videos that tell your company’s story, sharing your mission, vision and values in a way that resonates and connects emotionally with viewers. Brand stories help to reinforce your brand personality and build credibility.

  • Introductory videos: We provide clear and compelling videos that explain your services or products, making complex concepts simple and easy to understand. Introductory videos are a great way to introduce your business to new customers.

  • Promotional campaigns: we create targeted promotional videos tailored to specific audiences, helping you reach the right audience and increase the impact of your campaign. The campaigns we create are designed to achieve your marketing objectives and increase brand awareness.

  • Animations and Graphic Videos: Our creative team uses animations and graphic videos to make complex messages simple, fun and memorable. This creative approach allows you to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Our agency understands that every brand is unique, and that’s why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and objectives. Whether your goal is to raise awareness, increase sales or strengthen customer relationships, our promotional video creation service is designed to support your brand success.

Creating promotional videos

How can creating promotional videos help your business?

Creating an e-commercial is an important investment in your brand visibility and reputation, offering a range of benefits to help your business grow and stand out. Here are some reasons why promotional videos are valuable for your brand:

  • Raise awareness: Visually appealing videos grab people’s attention and are more memorable than text-based content. Videos can help to raise awareness of your brand by highlighting the special features of your products or services.

  • Drive sales: a clear and convincing message through videos can significantly increase interest in your product or service. Videos can be used to demonstrate the use of a product or the benefits of a service, making it easier to make a purchasing decision.

  • Improve customer engagement: videos create an emotional connection with viewers, which fosters brand loyalty and customer engagement. Emotional connection with a brand is a powerful tool that can encourage customers to stay with the brand for longer.

  • Reinforce your brand message: a consistent and professional visual style helps to reinforce your brand personality and values. Videos allow you to communicate your message in a creative and impactful way, highlighting the uniqueness of your brand.

YouTube's most common and frequently used formats

Our agency offers a service for creating and managing YouTube ads, aimed at achieving your business goals and increasing brand visibility. YouTube, one of the most popular video platforms in the world, offers a variety of advertising formats that allow you to reach a wide audience in different creative and effective ways. We’ll show you the main YouTube ad formats used by our agency:

  • TrueView in-stream adverts: these video adverts are shown before or during the main video, giving the viewer the option to skip the advert after 5 seconds. This format is particularly effective because you only pay when a viewer watches your ad for at least 30 seconds or interacts with your ad.

  • TrueView discovery ads: these ads appear in YouTube search results and among recommended videos, increasing the visibility of your video or brand. The viewer clicks on the ad voluntarily, which means you only pay for those clicks.

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: these are ads that the viewer cannot skip, lasting up to 15 seconds. They’re perfect for delivering important messages, ensuring your ad is sure to reach the viewer.

  • Bumper ads: short, up to 6-second ads designed to deliver a quick and memorable message. These advertisements are ideal for raising brand awareness.

  • Outstream ads: these ads are optimised for mobile devices and appear outside of YouTube, such as on the websites and apps of Google’s video partners. You only pay if the ad is viewed for at least 2 seconds.

  • Masthead Ads: large and prominent ads on the YouTube home page that offer maximum visibility and reach. They can be reserved for a short period to achieve a quick impact.

Our agency’s goal is to help you choose the right YouTube ad format that best meets your brand needs and marketing objectives. Our experienced team will help you throughout the process – from creative development and production to optimising your ads and measuring performance. We’ll ensure that your investment in YouTube Ads delivers significant results, increasing your brand visibility and effectively engaging your target audience.

Creating promotional videos

How does our service work and help customers?

Our agency’s approach to creating promotional videos is client-centric and focused on delivering tangible results. The process involves the following steps:

  • Individual consultation: we start with an in-depth consultation to understand the nature of your brand and your specific objectives. This helps us design video solutions that meet your needs and support your brand strategy.

  • Creative development: Our talented designers and copywriters will develop a unique and creative concept that reflects your brand message and values. Our aim is to create a visually arresting and visually impactful video that speaks to your target audience.

  • High-quality production: we use only cutting-edge technology and skills in our production process to ensure the highest possible video quality. Our professional team ensures that every element of your video – from the framing to the sound design – is precisely finished.

  • Post-production and distribution: at the end of the production phase, we carry out a thorough post-production to ensure optimal performance of the video on different platforms. We can also help you develop a strategy for distributing your video to the right audience for maximum impact.

  • Measuring results: we don’t leave you on your own after a video has been published – we actively monitor the effectiveness of videos and analyse their impact on your brand. On the basis of this information, we make recommendations for further marketing strategies and optimisation.

Our aim is to provide you not only with high quality video content, but also with a comprehensive service that covers all aspects from concept to analysis of results. Our client-centric and results-oriented approach ensures that your investment in promotional video will deliver significant and measurable results.

Creating promotional videos

Examples of promotional videos

  • Natural cosmetics brand: we create a visually stunning video that highlights the naturalness and quality of our products.
  • Technology Start-Up: we introduce an innovative product through an explanatory and engaging animation.
  • Restaurant chain promotion: we create a video showcasing the flavours and atmosphere of the kitchen.
  • Sports equipment demonstration: we show products in a dynamic environment, highlighting their quality and durability.
  • Charity campaign: we create a heartfelt video that speaks and calls to action.

The creation of promotional videos is key to your digital marketing strategy, helping you reach a wider audience and build a stronger connection with your customers. Our aim is to bring your story to life through professional and impactful video art.

Creating promotional videos
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