Setting up and managing Google Tag Manager. We ensure accurate tracking and efficient tag management, helping you achieve better marketing results.
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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a key tool that opens up new possibilities for your digital marketing strategy. Our agency’s goal is to make setting up GTM for your business not only easy, but also effective, so that your website runs like a well-oiled machine. GTM allows you to manage and install website wrappers without having to modify the page code. This means you can respond quickly to changing marketing needs, making your website even more effective.

  1. Creating a GTM container: we will create a unique GTM container for your website, which will be the hub for your token management.

  2. Label setup: we set up and configure the necessary labels, ensuring they meet your marketing objectives and data collection requirements.

  3. Event Tracking: we implement event tracking solutions that allow you to understand how users interact with your website, whether it’s page views, form completions or other relevant activities.

  4. Testing and troubleshooting: before live-testing, we test all the tokens we have set up to ensure they work correctly and the data is accurate.

Adopting GTM is an investment in the future of your digital marketing, allowing you to respond quickly to marketing needs without having to change website code every time. Our agency’s goal is to ensure that your GTM setup brings maximum benefits to your business by facilitating data collection and analysis, improving the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and ultimately increasing the ROI of your website.

What setting up and managing is

The service we provide focuses on adding, configuring and tracking tweets on your website. This process is essential to thoroughly understand the behaviour of your web visitors, optimise the user experience and increase the overall performance of your website. Here’s how our service can add value to your business:

Add tags (tag)

Adding tags to your website is the first step in the data collection process. These dots can be trackers of different events, such as page views, button presses or form submissions. This allows you to get a complete picture of how users interact with your website.

Configuring tags (tag)

After adding the tags, we will carefully configure them. This includes setting up the specific events you want to track, such as conversions or important user interactions. The configuration process ensures that the data collected is accurate and relevant to your business objectives.

Monitoring and data collection

Once the tags are added and configured, we will start to collect data about the behaviour of your website users. This dataset allows you to gain deeper insights into visitor activity, such as which pages are the most popular, how visitors reach your page, and which activities lead to conversions.

Conversions tracking

Conversion tracking is an important part of our service. It gives you valuable information on how successfully your website is fulfilling its main objectives, such as generating sales or subscribing to a newsletter. Conversion tracking helps you measure your return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions to optimise your marketing strategies.

A/B testing

The possibility of A/B testing is another benefit our service offers. This allows you to test different elements of a website, such as headers, buttons or content, to see which options work best. A/B testing helps to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Integration of third party services

Our service also includes integration with third party services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other analytics and marketing platforms. It allows you to use a wide range of tools to monitor your website’s performance and optimise your marketing campaigns.

Setting up and managing Google Tag Manager

Overview and description of some of the most common tags in GTMs

With Google Tag Manager (GTM), you can keep track of a wide range of events on your website to better understand your users’ behaviour and optimise your website according to their actions. While GTM allows you to track an almost infinite number of custom events, here are some of the most common types of events that companies often track:

Standard events:

  1. Page View: keeps track of when users view a page on your website.
  2. Clicks: tracks clicks on a link or other element on a website.
  3. Form submission: keeps track of when users submit a form on your website.
  4. Scroll depth: measures how far users scroll on a page.
  5. Video engagement: Tracks when users start watching a video, watch a certain percentage of it or stop watching.
  6. File download: Monitors when users download a file from your website.

Events related to e-commerce:

  1. Product view: Tracks when users view a product page.
  2. Add to cart: Tracks when users add a product to cart.
  3. Remove from cart: Monitors when users remove a product from the cart.
  4. Checkout begin: Monitors when users start the checkout process.
  5. Purchase: Tracks when users complete the purchase process and make a purchase.

Custom events:

  1. User registration: keeps track of when users register on your website.
  2. Search: keeps track of when users use the search function on your website.
  3. Social media interaction: monitors when users interact with social media buttons (share, like, etc.).
  4. Error messages: Tracks when users get an error message on your website.

These are just a few examples of the events you can monitor with GTM. The choice of exact events depends on your business objectives and the specificity of your website. Our agency will help you identify important events, set up GTM to track them and interpret the data collected to improve your website performance and user experience.

How our service helps Clients

Our service is designed to help customers save time and resources, while ensuring that the most relevant data about your website and marketing campaigns is collected and analysed efficiently. Our aim is to help you understand which marketing activities deliver the best results, how to optimise the user navigation experience on your website and how to increase conversion rates. This service is essential for any business that wants to make informed, data-driven decisions and improve the overall performance of their website.

Our team of professionals use Google Tag Manager and other analytics tools to track and analyse a wide range of user activity, from page views and clicks to form submissions and purchases. We set up custom events and conversion tracking to highlight the most valuable activities on your website. In addition, we provide detailed analytics and reports to help you understand user behaviour and preferences, enabling you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and website design.

Our service is focused not only on collecting data, but also on interpreting and applying that data through practical solutions that support your business objectives. Whether it’s increasing website traffic, improving user experience or boosting conversion rates, our agency is here to provide you with the support and expertise you need.

Setting up and managing Google Tag Manager

Practical examples of our work

  1. Fine-tuning advertising campaigns: we helped the client to accurately track the results of various advertising campaigns, which allowed them to target their marketing budget more effectively.
  2. Analysis of website visitor behaviour: we set up tags that provide a detailed insight into how visitors navigate the website, helping to improve the user experience.
  3. Increasing conversions: we optimised conversion tracking, helping the client to understand which elements of the website drive the most sales.
  4. Simplifying A/B testing: our configured tags made it easy for the client to run A/B tests to determine which website changes are most effective.
  5. Third-party integration: we seamlessly integrated a number of third-party applications, such as email marketing tools and customer relationship management systems, thereby improving the efficiency of our customer marketing activities.

Our Google Tag Manager setup and management service is a must-have for any business looking to make the most of their digital marketing efforts. Contact us today to discover how our service can help you maximise the potential of your business website.

Setting up and managing Google Tag Manager
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